Jameson Deconstructed Round 1L


Jameson Deconstructed Round 1L (12 ขวด) 1-ลัง

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Jameson Deconstructed Round 1L (12 ขวด) 1-ลัง

brand : Jameson
style : Whiskey
country : Ireland
size : 1000ml
alc/vol : 40%

This whiskey demonstrates the impact that wood can have on the flavour and complexity of a whiskey. Jameson Round is a blend of pot still and grain whiskey but this time some of the grain whiskey is matured in virgin American oak barrels giving additional vanilla sweetness. The pot still whiskey is matured in American barrels, sherry butts and Madeira casks. This combination of cask types brings a variety of flavours showcasing the impact on the whiskey of the different woods varying from leather to dried fruits to ripe fruits.

Full & Rich