Bardinet Curacao Bleu Liqueur 70cl


Bardinet Curacao Bleu Liqueur 70cl (12 ขวด)1-ลัง

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Bardinet Curacao Bleu Liqueur 70cl (12 ขวด)1-ลัง

Curacao Bleu
alc/vol : 24%
size : 700ml

The range of Bardinet liqueurs, rich in flavours and colours, encompasses all the essential components of the bar world. Appreciated by the most demanding bar-tenders for the ease of handling of the bottles, Bardinet liqueurs are the ideal partner for all your cocktails. Their constant quality is guaranteed by the stringently selected ingredients that are subsequently distilled with loving care. Since 1857,our liqueurs benefit from an expertise which has been constantly adapted to match new trends.